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Year 10 Day 350 12:22
If I find a faction breaking a faction check rule, can I blackmail it? Can I tell it to send me some credits so I refrain from reporting the violation?

I understand that theft is allowed. But what about in character blackmail?

Year 10 Day 350 12:39
I should think the debatable point here is whether it's IC or not. The faction page requirements are more OOC, and the reward for reporting them is similarly OOC (CPs).

Besides, any faction leader with half a brain, upon receiving your message, is going to go, make sure the site it fixed, and then tell you to go screw yourself and have fun trying to report them.

And put a bounty on you.

Year 10 Day 350 12:47
I agree with Hal, it seems as if the requirements and websites are both OOC, which would fall under the spying rules, as you may not:

# Bribe, threaten, or intimidate any member of the combine Out of Character for any purpose or reason.

Also, the other part of what he said.