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Year 10 Day 350 14:45
i sent a letter of multi-accounting becasue my sister is playing too but then my application got rejected and not hers.i want justice this is not fair.i did all i was asked to do to say i was creating a char and my sis was too.plz help me I WANNA PLAY TOO!

Year 10 Day 350 14:48
well this chaged alot wtf my sister doesnt like it now she just gave up.wat do i do...does the multi account thing still apply??

Year 10 Day 350 15:23
She gave up after a matter of three minutes? =P

I'd suggest listing the handle you're trying to join with as well so that they know what/who to look for when accepting accounts.

Year 10 Day 350 15:34
look i did i sent the letter saying i would be joining under the name Revs Talon and she would be under the name Namarick Warren but then they denied me then it said on her account that its been reported that Revs Talon was using the same Ip but wat do i do now?? do i just make Revs Talon again and hope they accept me??

Year 10 Day 350 15:42
You need to fill in the portion of the join request for the Handles of any multis. Sending the e-mail does not flag the join request, so the people who normally handle join requests have no idea if you don't fill in the other person's handle on the application.

Year 10 Day 350 15:44
oh ok then thx ill try again ill tell if it works this time :D

Year 10 Day 359 14:57
My brother and I sent the email about the multi-accounts and listed each others as multis, but we never got a reply back so we figured it was ok. Now, when I came home from college and tried to access my account I got banned. What happened? Where did we go wrong?

Year 10 Day 359 18:12
Did whichever of you joined second put your borthers name in the multi field? If not, that would be why.