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Archives » Space Station Construction
Year 10 Day 354 13:32
Matheteis Eimi

The rules state that when you begin construction on a Space Station, you are free to move around as well as you don't need to stay with the NPC builders. I'm assuming that if all materials and NPC's were aboard one ship, after starting construction, you can leave.

In facility construction, the NPC's are on the ground. So the builders building a Space Station are theoretically on the Station while constructing it? (I just want to make sure I don't have to leave another ship at the construction location for the builders.)


Year 10 Day 354 13:37
The NPCs stay at the location of the station under construction, and are placed on it when it completes. You do not need to have a ship there for them to be on.

Year 10 Day 354 13:39
Matheteis Eimi

Thanks for making that clear Hal.

Year 10 Day 354 15:15
can I hit 2 birds with 1 stone here and ask what do you gain from the construction of space stations I know some are obvious but what about Space Colonies? what do they do?

Year 10 Day 354 17:57
Apart from the obvious functions of some, stations can generally be used to dock ships (of appropriate size), used for storage (again, dependent on size) and many offer NPCs for hire without the hassle of going to a planet surface.

Year 10 Day 357 14:54
they can also be used for trading, organizing stuff, access points for space only ships, meeting places and on the occassion homes away from home :)

Year 10 Day 357 18:54
Jad Quelben

Another question, do you need to have RM's inside a ship during SS construction? or do they just "float" in space?


Year 10 Day 357 18:57
It works just like facility construction.

Year 10 Day 357 18:59
Nice high jacking of the thread..but just like on the ground they need to be in something, hanger/warehouse ect. same goes for SYs they need to be in a ship. But refer to the rules on construction.

Year 10 Day 357 19:14
No, they don't. They need to be there BEFORE you start construction, obviously. But once you start it they are removed from their containers and added to the construction task. Just like facility construction. You don't need to leave the ships there for the RMs.

Year 10 Day 358 14:24
Jad Quelben

oh, okay. Thanks.


Year 10 Day 358 20:56
William Clark

Uhhh...one last question, sorry for taking over the thread again but say you are attempting to build an SY 4 now obviously the amount of mats needed won't fit in one bulk and say that you only have bulks (2 or 3); can you build it if all 3 ships have the necessary amount of mats?

Year 10 Day 358 21:28
You can split the necessary RMs over as many ships as you want, as long as they are all in the same location as the SY is to be built. NPCs should be on the same ship as the person starting construction, and I believe the person starting construction needs to be on the crewlist of all the ships.

And FYI a SY4 needs about 5-6 bulks, IIRC, to hold all the mats.