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Archives » SWcombine Application Declined....AGAIN

I do not understand why my account has been declined, i have tried signing up around 5 times now and it says that i'm using the same IP address but i'm not. This is getting incredibly frustrating and i would really like to join if not for this complicated Application for joining SW Combine.

If you've signed up five times, that's the problem.

In order for the admins to help you, you will need to post the handle you used to sign up with.

Phillip, you probably need to be quiet.

If you have had 5 consecutive applications denied, then you are certainly matching an IP with a current or past player. There are a number of possible reasons for this, including recycling of IPs by your ISP, and the connection you now have having been used by someone in the past.

What you want to do is two-fold:
1. Put something in the field for multi-accounts such as "I don't know, e-mail sent" when you submit an application. This should cause the rest of the Join team to ignore this application and not deny it as an IP match.
2. Send an e-mail to multi-accounts@swcombine.com detailing your problem and the handle that you are applying with, so that they can look into the issue properly.