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Archives » CP question relating Starports
Year 10 Day 358 3:50
Hi! I recently sold a Ginivex-class Starfighter, and got the money yesterday. However, I landed on Malduiphin in Jhensrus, and realised that i cannot spawn CP ships on planet surface. Rules section says that I have to be in a starport or a landing pad. Could someone please tell me where i can find a starport?


Year 10 Day 358 3:53
any npc controlled city.

Year 10 Day 358 3:58
Thanks a lot. Is there a way by which i can learn which cities are npc controlled?

Year 10 Day 358 4:00
when you have the view of all the cities (when you are in your ship) just put your mouse over each city and in parentheses it should say if its npc controlled. if it says nothing it isnt npc controlled

Year 10 Day 358 4:05
Thanks! now i'll try to find one in Jhansrus (:

Year 10 Day 358 9:03
Cities that have an NPC-owned starport in them will have this image on the plant map:


Privately-owned starports could be located anywhere.

Year 10 Day 358 17:04
Maybe post the question in the RP trader's thread.

So you were able to get the money for the fighter before you actually owned the fighter? Nice! You should try to do that a few more times.

Year 10 Day 358 17:44
Try the racial homeworlds ( see the Races Rules Page). Each homeworld 'should' have a NPC-owned starport on it.

Year 10 Day 359 0:36
Thanks a lot! Problem solved. I'm heading towards Gand.

Year 10 Day 359 0:58
Pretty sure Gand is shielded. You'd have to talk to the head of Alissma for access.