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Archives » Uhh help me...I'm stuck in my ship
Year 10 Day 358 18:47
Right, so I was piloting one of Arkhan Heavy Industries' starships when i get a message that Arkhan Heavy Industries was dissolved and that I was removed from piloting the ship. Problem is I'm now standing outside of the cockpit in the now-renamed YT01210 Orange Florida. It won't let me back into the cockpit because I'm no longer the "pilot" of the ship and I'm floating in space so I can't exit the ship. Also, I'm the only person in the ship. How do I get out?


MFSGT Drake Ferrum
Imperial Navy
Galactic Empire
Year 10 Day 358 18:51
You should have a "contact owner" button on the Position screen. That will be the first thing you need to try.

Year 10 Day 358 18:52
I did that. Not too long ago though, I guess I'm just being impatient. Who exactly is going to be contacted because the owner of the ship is the faction Arkhan Heavy Industries which is gone now.


MFSGT Drake Ferrum
Imperial Navy
Galactic Empire
Year 10 Day 358 18:57
The ship will have gone to the market, and subsequently been purchased by someone else. You'll want to give it at least a day, possibly two, to allow the new owner a chance to reply.

If you recall your destination/location, you could also ask a friend to come and get you.

Year 10 Day 358 19:08
Makes sense. And what if neither of those two options work?

It's quite likely that the owner (or the assigned pilot) will come to fly the ship at some point, and you could talk to them then.

Welcome to the club drake... AHI really ditched us eh? :P Well I just joined another faction and requested a pickup, that's how I solved it.

Year 10 Day 362 11:35
Really? What faction?

Year 10 Day 362 16:25
Or answer the DM I sent you offering you a job?

Year 10 Day 362 21:42
or you could tell me what the faction is

Year 10 Day 362 22:45
You do realise its possible that Drexel actually owns that ship your on? In which case answering his DM will probably be your best bet...

Year 10 Day 363 20:59
Yes it is possible.....but he doesn't own it. And I'm part of another faction now

Great to hear.