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Year 10 Day 359 2:01
Hi there,

my name is Evert Joosse and I play the character Hober Mallow in SWC.

And yes, I have read the sticky on this subject, but I'm afraid this is slightly different.

I have recently been trying to get a friend of mine to play SWC. So to show her around the game I first logged in as a Guest. When I then tried to log in as my character later, I couldn't get in.

So I tried the lost password feature, but it said my email adress was invalid.

Then I remembered I used a different email adress when I signed up for SWC, years ago. So I tried that.

Seeing as even though this adress was no longer used by me, I would still get everything sent there forwarded to me, so it shouldn't have been a problem.

However, I guess it stopped forwarding stuff to me. I never received the new password.

My old email adress was:

My new email adress is:

It's been that for years now.

My character name is Hober Mallow, and my password used to be U5vZWCL0X, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

Can you guys please help me? I need to get back to the game...


Year 10 Day 359 2:24
Okay, the problem appears to have been solved.

If somebody would be so kind as to delete the message above, I would be most gratefull...



Year 10 Day 359 9:09
Probably want to also change your password.