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Year 10 Day 359 14:18
Draeks Arr`ki
Draeks Arr`ki
Can you upgrade a ship's hyperspace/sublight speed, shields, and armament? If so what factions do that?

Year 10 Day 359 14:31
At this moment you can't upgrade ships. At least I think you can't.

Year 10 Day 359 14:50
At this moment of game development you most certainly cannot modify existing ships and other entities (aside from installing various levels of inner doors or adding escape pods). Ships that are modified from their original form exist from the red scenarios and gifts/other situations arising from years back. However R&D is on its way to being introduced - though how that will actually take form in terms of ship modification has yet to be known.

Year 10 Day 359 14:51
That feature is not yet implemented. I think (don't quote me on it) that it will be part of R&D, which is being worked on.

Year 10 Day 359 20:43
Thank you for the affirmation of my post Grav ;)

Year 10 Day 359 21:56
You ninja'd me :P