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Year 10 Day 364 23:11
I log in, my log in works correctly, but when i click on some things (notable the character creation) it goes to the homepage and says "Session expired. Please log in again." What does this mean, because i keep logging in again and it still doesnt work, it shows same message. Please find a solution to this.

My handle is Jordan Boltian, just in case.

Year 10 Day 365 11:22
Please check the solutions provided in the thread named "Problem: I can't log into SWC!"

If you have tried all of them and you're still having problems, post again here with your handle and we'll be able to try something else.

Year 10 Day 365 12:44
I tried to do those things, but still no help.

Year 10 Day 365 12:47
My handle is Jordan Boltian

Year 10 Day 365 17:24
Added a session exception for you; try it now.



Year 10 Day 365 21:52
Year 11 Day 3 6:06
Would it be possible to get a session exception for myself as well?

I keep having the same issue when I'm using my iPhone (safari browser), it randomly expires and needs me to log in again usually with DMs and Inventories, but then when I do log in it reroutes me back to my force page and by the time I get back to where I wanted I get stuck in a loop of expiring before I get it done. Normally I wouldn't bother asking but next week my phone will be how I connect to the combine the most.

Year 11 Day 6 13:27

Year 11 Day 6 14:56
Thanks, if it sorts it things will be a lot easier now.