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Year 10 Day 365 15:02
Hey this is Sivirth Glith here and I have a bit of a problem. Because of OOC chaos I had to stop playing swcombine and get a few things organized but about a month ago I tried to become active again. The only problem is I'm currently stuck on a capital ship and I cannot get out. I have already contacted my faction and they are too busy to send someone to get me out. Some random person even offered to pick me up but I have no idea what the coordinates are for where I'm at. I tried contacting the owner of the ship a week ago to find out the coordinates or to get some help but he has not responded. Some help would be very appreciated because I'd really like to play swcombine again.

Year 10 Day 365 18:27
Hmm, was it a faction owned ship? If it is, and you can remember who owned it when you went inactive, one of their members maybe able to look through the ship list for you to get the location. If its a player, then it may be a bit trickier. Try contacting the owner again (I'm guessing your using that button in the position interface?) - incidentally, I'm guessing your no longer the pilot huh?

Year 10 Day 365 19:39
I'm pretty sure it's owned by the faction but I'm not positive. And yes I'm not the pilot. I'll try using the contact owner position interface button again. Hopefully someone will respond...