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Archives » Creating Character Trouble
Year 11 Day 2 0:28
Okay....so I'm trying to create my character and filling in the fields for my skills, and I have done this out four times, and every time I try to click on "Go to step 4" button it doesn't work...and I notice that in the "Social Skill" area, the "Leadership" has a "1" in it's "Race Bonus" column.....it seems to be there everytime, and I'm wondering if that's the gliche that then causes the problem, why I can't complete creating my character...???

I can't get past the third step which is driving me nuts, as it hinders me from doing anythings more...


Year 11 Day 2 0:35
Make sure you are using up all the available skillpoints before going the next step.
The race bonuses will always show up, as they are the added points to that stat given by your race's special features/abilities.

Year 11 Day 2 7:58
Yes - in the assigning skill points bit you must make sure that each category has a green 0 in the available skill point line under the skill category. If any of those are not green, then you cannot continue.