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Year 11 Day 3 14:16
So I'm supposed to transport some npcs and droids. I get them aboard travel through hyperspace and when I finally reach my destination, the npcs are gone! The droids are still there though. This happened around a 1-2 days ago. I don't know where those npcs are. I did not move them and I checked the room and ship event logs and didn't find them moved. I did some research and found that they will quit if they weren't paid before the end of the month. But I checked the npc list of my faction and there were still other npcs. So I am not sure what has happened. Does any one know any reason why? Anything would help.

Year 11 Day 3 14:24
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Maybe someone fired them manually?

Year 11 Day 3 14:34
My guess is you have not paid your NPC last wages and they just quit your service.

Year 11 Day 3 21:23
The remaining NPCs are most likely types which do not require salaries. Customs, Tutorials and the like.

Year 11 Day 6 18:40