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Archives » Xiytiar Super Transport Question
I'm pretty new, and I was looking at the rules page for the Xiytiar Super Transport. As far as I can tell, there is no way to actually use one. It can't land, it has no docking bay, and it has no way to attach to a space station. (Again, I might have missed something.) It has none of those little yellow squares that tell about a ship's abilities. So, my question is, how does one use a Xiytiar Super Transport?

Hi there, and welcome to SWC!

Not having a docking bay only means it can't hold smaller ships, other cargo will still fit. It can't land, so it has to have a smaller ship to act as a shuttle. I doesn't even have much cargo space, so you're right, it's quite useless for the most part.

Every ship is unique in it's own special way, but what makes this ship special is hard to find for most:

The Xiytiar is a transport. Iit's very similar to the W-23 star hauler, but the main difference is that the Xiytiar holds more volume, and the W-23 holds more weight.

Overall, the W23 is better (it can land!) the Xiytiar is a necessary sacrifice if you need to carry lighter, but bulkier items. There are better freighters out there, most notably the Bulk Freighter, but the Xiytiar is significantly cheaper.

To answer your question, you have to load cargo by hand, from an adjacent ship.

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It will be able to carry up to 5,000 T or 20,000 m3 of RM or items. It can carry 14 passengers.

You can load and unload from other ships in space, or from space stations.