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Year 11 Day 5 21:11
This shouldn't take long to answer and close, but I was wondering if it is possible to delete messages from your sent folder? I know you can from your inbox, but your sent box just has send another message. any quick help would be appreciated.

Year 11 Day 5 22:44
No. Nor is there any reason you should have to. It disappears eventually.

Year 11 Day 5 23:48
It will be deleted from your Sent box if the receiver deletes it from their inbox. Otherwise, no, until the auto-prune at 3 weeks.

Year 11 Day 6 0:17
Nope, if the sender deletes it, it still stays in your sent box. (Try it: send yourself a message and then delete it, it will still stay in your sent box).

Year 11 Day 6 0:35
Really? When did that get changed?

Year 11 Day 6 1:01
Always been like that. All messages sent are logged so the admin can monitor abuses.

Year 11 Day 6 13:30
No, it hasn't always been like that--the recipient deleting a message definitely used to purge it from the sent folder. Sent and received messages are still logged (in the events tool) and have always been, but that was unrelated to the actual display of messages in a player's DM inbox.

Year 11 Day 7 14:32
Thanks for explaining. I was wondering why cause it would be easier to delete all the messages I don't need so it would be easier to find the ones I do need.