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Archives » Multi-Account / Naming Issue
Year 11 Day 6 0:38
So I orginally tried to sign up under one name and the last name \'Moonblade\' I\'m assuming was the reason for getting turned down. Turn around and try using Diddori Suppili and my account is flagged for multi-account and it leaves me wondering whether its because I\'m on a university IP or because of my previous application?

Declined applications need more details on exactly why you get denied.

Feel free to move this thread if it is in the wrong section or let me know so I can move it.

Year 11 Day 6 0:45
Declined accounts leave no record, so that won't be the problem. Try another application, and put "University" in the box for multi handles. This will let the regular Join people know to ignore it, and the appropriate person can take a look and get in touch with you.

Year 11 Day 6 21:54
Took the advice and put another application in. We'll see where this goes...

Thank you.