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Year 11 Day 7 9:29
- Arrests cannot be performed on ships that are travelling in hyperspace, this includes government ships.
(Previously government ships were exempt from this rule). 

The rule itself is fairly self-explanatory, I'm just a little confused as to why our stun cuffs magically stop working in hyperspace.

I'm also curious if hyperspace will similarly stop people with Electronic Lock Breakers from releasing prisoners and opening doors (otherwise ship pilots have to make the call between dropping out of hyperspace to arrest the escapees or staying in hyper to ensure no harm comes to the ship. And yes, I'm fully aware that the chances of randomly hitting a system are slim to none). It seems to me if it stops you from doing something, it should also stop you from undoing it.

Year 11 Day 7 9:56
Ka`rla Leakey

Perhaps the hyperspace field generators render the stun cuffs locked and hence cannot be opened by any means.

Year 11 Day 7 10:04
It's a gameplay feature, not something influenced by the laws of sci-fi.

Year 11 Day 7 11:26
Aye, I wasn't asking for an IC explanation (though I can see how it may have come across as such). I don't understand the reasoning behind not being able a/e in hyperspace.

Year 11 Day 7 11:40
Ka`rla Leakey

From my perspective a maintains a small amount of balance as currently the only way a potential prisoner can resist arrest is to try and hit the hyper button before the arrestor gets to them. Perhaps when (if) we get combat this will all become a moot point anyhow.

Year 11 Day 7 12:15
I would imagine because it prevents people getting someone on a ship, jumping to hyper for a long, slow journey, and simply attempting to arrest them over and over until they succeed by pure chance.

If you have to be stopped or in sublight, it theoretically gives the potential victim a chance to escape/be rescued by another ship.

Year 11 Day 7 18:22
Although technically then Hal, sublight, ascend/descend etc also need to be restricted since someone cannot hop out of a ship while travelling at all.

Year 11 Day 7 18:38
You can at least see them, and the direction they are traveling.

Year 11 Day 10 15:38
Eric Jackson

I presume it's the same thing that stops me from telekinetically(why does my spellchecker not like that word?) punching someone in the face through the force when they try to arrest me.

Which is to say, "NYI - Wait till combat."

Edited By: Eric Jackson on Year 11 Day 10 15:40
Year 11 Day 11 0:29
fyi the rule was put in to fix an exploit but it was fixed through other means, so it was replaced with the existing rules.