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Year 11 Day 8 15:01
Dear Admins,

I started just yesterday. And after some time searching in the factions library I found a faction I wanted to join. At this point I didn't have created a character yet, because I wanted a bit help from the faction. So I sent a message in the message system - and got the message, that using the message system was rewarded with 20 XP.

Now I have a character. And I am in the faction RepMed. I got much help from them via IRC yet. But there are only 100 XP on my XP-Account (for joining a faction the first). But that should be 120 if I add the messages. Or not?

I just want to know, is this a bug or an error? Or is it just that way for not having a character while using the message system the first time?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Best regards,

Year 11 Day 8 15:44
The bonus XP were added quite recently, so this may be the first time it was come up. I'd suggest you register on the Bug Base and make a report about it (Bug Report Form link at the bottom of every menu) so that it can be looked into and hopefully fixed. And you can probably be awarded that 20XP manually, too.