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Year 11 Day 9 12:59
What are DMs?

Year 11 Day 9 13:30
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

DMs are darkness messages. To send or read them, click on the third icon from the left in the menu on top of every page (the one looking like an envelope).

Year 11 Day 9 13:35
Thanks. I knew how to send messages, but I wasn't aware that those were DMs.

Year 11 Day 10 2:07
It's not a dumb question. The entire interface that you use to play the game is referred to as "darkness", so if somebody asks you to for example submit a join request through darkness, they mean submit it using this website.

Year 11 Day 87 7:24
Logan Stormcaller

I got confused with this as well... On my Factions Web Page and filling out one of the many "Exams" they set... I was required to send a DM to two others... Obviously having used Forums so often, I mistook that for meaning a Direct Message or PM.

I gusess its one thing that you should always be aware of, SWC is a whole new breed if you will excuse my saying. So there are many new Acronyms to learn.

Just take a little time to make yourself familier with them and you will be fine. I am getting there and I only recently joined.