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Year 11 Day 10 16:25
i have noticed that, on the forum, many people, when posting have things like: links to their buisness, humorous quotes, expressions of either support of hate of julro mapit, and the like. i was wondering where you get theese, and how do you put them on your posts?

Year 11 Day 10 16:46
You mean those little banner things? Or just signatures in general?

Signatures are set in the Character screen, and use HTML the same as regular forum posts (shown to the right of the box when you're typing a post). They do not use bbCode (except the quote tag, which you probably want to avoid in a signature anyway).
At the moment they are defaulting to off, so you need to check the box at the bottom of the box every time you post if you want to include it.


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Year 11 Day 10 16:53
no, i mean the banners, not signatures. things like i support/hate julro mapit.

Year 11 Day 10 17:03
link the picture into your signature.

Year 11 Day 10 17:15
Use the HTML for the image in your signature.

Year 11 Day 11 4:17
okay,thanks.is there somewhere that i can get stuff like that?

Year 11 Day 11 4:37
If you mean signature banners themselves, mostly people make them themselves or have someone else do it for them. If you look through the Commerce forum in the RPG section you may find some people offering art services for making such banners. Or you could make a thread requesting such. :)

If there's a communally used banner you like, such as the one's about Julro, then you can just right click and save that and upload it yourself to your own host and display it in your sig.


Year 11 Day 11 5:01
great, thanks

Year 11 Day 13 8:15
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
Go to google, PM people, look for a graphic artist etc....