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Year 11 Day 13 9:54
Is it possible to get an account for someone under the same IP Address? If so, please help.


Foreman Mark Maple of KDY Industry branch.
Year 11 Day 13 12:33
This should be covered in the rules.

Year 11 Day 14 15:41
ya but account explanations like that's my brother's aren't accepted, but it really is for my brother!

Year 11 Day 14 15:56
If you get caught with more than one account and try to claim it's your brothers after the fact, it won't help you. If he follows the instructions for indicating it's your brother's account when applying, you'll both be fine.

Year 11 Day 14 16:06
So tell them its my brother's right away?

Year 11 Day 14 16:27
Is that right?

Year 11 Day 14 19:28
It takes more than 20 minutes for people to read your thread and reply.

There's a multi-account field that your brother can fill out when he's signing up, listing you as a multi and why.