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Year 11 Day 14 14:48

Hi, I just applied under the handle of Reece Somnio, but I was declined and told that I was suspected of using several accounts on the same computer. I have previously had an account on a desktop computer under the handle of Revol Reece, but I abandoned the character several months ago (sometime in May I believe) and have now bought a laptop. I have never created an account on my laptop before, so I was confused why I might be under suspicion, but I figured it might be because my previous handle was Revol Reece, and that the "Reece" was causing suspicion; therefore, I applied again using a different handle. Sorry for causing any confusion; I would ultimately like to apply using the handle of "Amory Dakota". I would be glad to provide you with any information on previous accounts (I beleive I had two more accounts on the desktop at different times. This was probably two years ago, and I had a character who died named Reece Landris, and then I had another character that I abandoned named Raiden or Kaiden, I can't remember exactly. However, all of these accounts were under the desktop and under a different email, so I'm not sure why they would interfere with this account on the laptop, but hopefully they will help). Thanks again.

Year 11 Day 14 15:50
You are allowed one account and character per player only. It's not per computer. If you have an old account, you should be playing that one. If you have more than one account that still exist, you should send an e-mail to the multi-accounts director to get the situation resolved. You will not be allowed to get a new account while you have old ones active, and should you somehow manage it, and get caught, then all your accounts will be banned.

Please refer to the multi-account rules for more information.

Year 11 Day 14 17:39

Thanks for responding, I'll get this fixed out, I appreciate your time.