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Year 11 Day 14 14:48
is there someone to talk to when you are bieng threatned anonomously via dm?

Year 11 Day 14 14:51
William Clark
William Clark
admins maybe?

I mean I will listen but I won't be able to do much >.> !

Just send one of the admins a message with the info and they will probably figure it out.

Year 11 Day 14 14:56
Zero Turner
Zero Turner

Bottom of the page you can use to contact the Admins.

Communication Rules:

"The personal messages system is meant to allow the players to communicate with each other. It is strictly forbidden to use this system to send out-of-character advertisements, any kind of spam, or any content or material that could be judged as offensive by the receiver and the SW Combine Administration."

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 11 Day 14 14:56
Year 11 Day 14 15:07
Are they IC threats or OOC? That's the key here, if it's OOC definitely go to an admin.

Year 11 Day 14 15:39
sorry, i should have made that clear. it's IC threats

Year 11 Day 14 15:54
If it's the occasional individual IC threat, suck it up. If it's repeated and potentially abusive, report it to the assistants e-mail address. They can look at your DMs, check up who's sending them, and warn that person if they feel it's crossing the line.

Year 11 Day 14 17:36
okay, thanks.