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Archives » Faction dissolusion and a left-over droid
Greetings. Earlier today, our faction, The Way, was dissolved. Not going to contest that, we saw it coming. But I had in my possession a droid which belonged to the faction, and I have received a notice that it will be auctioned off. So I'm wondering if someone can help me understand what I need to do with said droid. It's still on my ship with me, but I have no command or manager status with it. Will I need to deliver it to whomever buys it at auction? Thank you for your time.

You're under no obligation to do anything with it. You can keep it on your ship, depriving the new owner of access, you can dump it randomly and let them pick it up, or you can allow them access to it - either for free or for a fee. I suppose you could also charge to deliver it, if the new owner manages to find you.

So where is this auction?

Probably the NPC market.

Helena Gladio
Helena Gladio
The NPC market doesn't auction stuff off if i'm correct?

I've got no problems delivering it to the buyer (provided it's not to like pirates or something!), or leaving it somewhere convenient. I'm just trying to figure out how I'll know who that would be.

Not a whole lot of ways unless they change the name, e.g. "Hal Breden's droid" or post in the Trader's Lounge with a thread "Looking for owner of YT-1210 Nuwisha's Folly". So dropping it on the nearest planet might be the easiest option for all involved.

Ah, sounds good then. I'll drop it in the Core somewhere when I've got time. Thanks!

And Hal, it's the YT-1210 Nuwisha's Ludicrous Blunder. Get it right. :-)


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