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Year 11 Day 15 6:29
Kerys Starlynte

Is there a way to create a custom avatar, instead of using the default SWC ones? How would one do that?

Year 11 Day 15 7:08
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You can use any uploaded image you want. To change your avatar go to "character" in the right side menu, then select "edit ... profile". Simply enter the URL to your chosen image under "URL to character picture" and it's done.

Year 11 Day 15 17:05
Kerys Starlynte

OK, thanks.

Year 11 Day 311 17:05
Gallistra Persianati

I have a... somewhat relevant question. Is it necessary to have the grey "Combine Border" around the image you replace the default pic with? Meaning, will I get in trouble if my pic doesn't have it.

Year 11 Day 311 17:23
No, you won't.


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Year 11 Day 311 17:48
Gallistra Persianati

Alright. Thankyou for the quick answer.