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Year 11 Day 17 9:17
why dont we have whatever species that yoda was?

Year 11 Day 17 9:40
Johnny Fox
Johnny Fox
I do believe (someone correct me if I am wrong) that Yoda was the last of his race.

Year 11 Day 17 9:45
no, i dont think so.

if you lok closely in episode 1, you can see a female member of the race as part of the jedi council, when anakin was bieng force tested.

Year 11 Day 17 10:26
Year 11 Day 17 10:38
Kai Oryk
Kai Oryk
All members of that specific race have been known to be 100% force sensitive, canonly, meaning that if they were to be added to the game, it would be proposed that they should be like their selves in canon - as other races in SWC are -, and then we'd have balance issues.

To make it clear: the 'Yoda' race, among other 100% force sensitive races will not be added to SWC at this time, nor in the foreseeable future, hence the sticky thread in the race suggestion forums.



Year 11 Day 17 14:31
Johnny Fox
Johnny Fox
As in reference to the post about the other of his race:

That was earlier in time. If you may recall that was pre-Vadar. So, it is quite possible that Yoda was the last of his race.

Year 11 Day 17 15:10
Year 11 Day 17 15:13
how did that happen?

Year 11 Day 17 15:30
He was the first Jedi player in SWC, I believe, and did a lot of Force work.

Year 11 Day 17 17:13
Relm wasn't the first jedi, I don't believe....but he was the first force director.

Year 11 Day 17 22:06
I know he was one of the earliest of the Jedi. Perhaps first to reach Master (excluding Piett's Jedi multi used to train the Jedi, of course)?

But yeah, I know he put in a hell of a lot of work in the early days of the FS system.