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Archives » Galaxy Map Coding question..
Year 11 Day 17 14:43
Christopher Eagles

Well because of the structure one of my suggestions is taking (see here)


I was curious if the Galaxy Map, and specifically how the picture of a planet/system is drawn and stored could be altered in a way mentioned in the suggestion above.
The reason being that I wanted to know if it would be possible to adapt the Galaxy Map to include alternate versions of the view of a system.

The suggestion proposed was to strip all the detailed info about systems.planets out of the Galaxy Map for all but the controller but allow info Faction members (while over a planet or in a system) to 'scan' the entitty and store the view of the system in perhaps a field in the Galaxy Map, so that when a member of that faction views the Galaxy Map then the stored field would be displayed instead of a non-detailed version that would be like a snapshot of the past which would eventually grow out of date and need to be updated by the same process.

I am hoping that the Galaxy Map could potentially be 'dumbed down', and then allow info factions to store a view of a system that would appear in-place of the normal 'dumbed down' view if you are a member of the faction it is stored for.

The problem is that I don't want to go barking up the wrong tree if the code could not be converted to support such functionality.

Year 11 Day 19 21:19
We can display different info for the controlling faction without much difficulty.

Storing snapshots of a system in the database and displaying them at a later date would be..interesting. In theory we might be able to render the map and cache the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that displays it. My concern is that any changes we made to how maps are rendered would either have to be back-ported to the old maps (creating a lot of extra work for us) or we'd need to do more work around separating the presentation of maps from their content.

Year 11 Day 19 22:28
Would it be possible to instead create a separate table of "known map values", Khan, which would store the latest "public refresh" of data to be used on the galaxy map?

Of course the real data could be used for system controller, planet controller, etc.

Year 11 Day 20 1:12
Making a data warehouse of archived galaxy stats would be a lot of work. That's what this would entail.

Year 11 Day 23 8:44
Christopher Eagles

If old map states could be recorded that would be excellent, surely it wouldn't need to be back-ported if an expiry was initiated of about 12-18 months (it doesn't change all that too often :P ).