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Year 11 Day 20 2:38
umm my faction decided to lock me in my ship...i contacted ship owner asking them to either let me out on the nearest planet or anything...ive been stuck floating in space for about a month now and there has still been no answer back...i was in the ship when i left the faction...they decided to totally change around there ways and give it a totally diff name without telling i left now im stuck in the ship and no answer was the bounty hunter guild but they changed the name

can someone help me

am i forever prisoned in this dumb ship

i can see naboo when i look out the cockpit window oh wait doesnt even let me in the cock pit...

no point in playing a game when u cant do anything at all

Year 11 Day 20 2:54
Zero Turner

If it's been over three weeks you can send a message to the Admins to drop your character, but you may have to wait 1 more week after that to actually recreate. Or option 2) contact the BHG directly via DM, their website should provide you a few options to whom you can "try" to contact.

... I don't think BHG changed their name as of late, but I do know they recently became a government.

Year 11 Day 20 3:01
Wasn't there a BHG awhile ago that dissolved? His ship was probably sold on the market.

Though that would have been longer than a month.

*prods Falnor or someone to this thread*

Year 11 Day 20 8:43
What's the name of the ship? It's possible we have it, but I can't say if I don't know what ship it is. We didn't change our name without telling anyone and you never sent us any message, so next time I advise you to do that first.

Edited By: Falnor Urthadar on Year 11 Day 20 8:45
Year 11 Day 21 12:34
Xandar Sol I am going to make the ship over to you I guess it a little gamy in there after a month so I am giving you the ship.

Year 11 Day 22 6:33
Ermine Nozual

Xandar was indeed in BHG/ISN. I'd assume the Rho was one of the ships that was lost when Karl Korne looted ISN, a Rho wouldn't have been on the top of our priority list for things to reclaim. My Appologies to both Xandar and Julro. Miss Mapit, I'll see if I can get you some compensation for your good deeds.

Year 11 Day 22 10:35
thank you Ermine Nozual