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Year 11 Day 20 6:36
When R&D is implamented will all factions and characters be able to use it?
Can someone add a Medical Room to a Lamdba Shuttle or a Hanger Bay to a Sabaoth Destroyer? With R&D will you be able to Create entities ( and Datacards) and use them like the ones currently in the game?

Year 11 Day 20 6:50
Whether or not you will be able to modify rooms or add certain individual features (e.g. docking bay) hasn't been decided yet.

Once R&D is released, you will be able to research and develop new entities and create new datacards.

Year 11 Day 20 7:16
Will everyone be aloud to use R&D or will it be like Mining, Production and Recycling?

Year 11 Day 20 8:09
Cesodevo Avina

Your best bet will be to wait for R&D to be implemented to know the answer to that question, as any possible answers are educated guesses at best and may yet still be wrong.

Year 11 Day 20 9:13
As Ceso said, pretty much anything regarding upcoming features can change before its introduced. We know it will be a tech tree. Pretty much beyond that its anyones guess.

However, as a guess, datacards are only owned by factions at the moment. R&D creates new datacards. Putting those together would imply that it would be restricted to factions. However personal inventories have a DC section, so it maybe that players can own DCs personally, which could mean no, factions are no needed.