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Year 11 Day 20 10:04
Bunres Voflis

There was a bug in the stock transfer system a couple of weeks ago that caused several people, including myself, to loose stocks. The bug is gone now but I'm still out 40 shares of MWS and I believe that there are others out there who have lost significant amounts of shares.

Are we going to have our lost stocks restored to us?

Thank you for your time.

Year 11 Day 20 23:54
Aye, I lost one Mytaranor Slaving Council during the bug as well and I would like it back.

Year 11 Day 31 10:00
Bunres Voflis

Any word on the status of this?

Year 11 Day 40 15:11
Bunres Voflis

Any word on this from the Admins?

Year 11 Day 40 15:53
There's been a bug on the bugbase about it where people have been posting to get refunded.

Year 11 Day 41 6:08
Helena Gladio

I did weeks ago. Never saw a refund.

Year 11 Day 41 16:30
Bunres Voflis


Do you know which bug report # it is?

There were several bug reports made when this problem first occurred and I commented about my loss on one of them without reply. I'm sure there are many others who are still out shares that would like to know of a single place to make their claims.


Year 11 Day 41 20:01
This bug will suffice for applying for a refund http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=4013, or an email to assistants@swcombine.com works just as well.

The delay in getting to the refunds has been because we've had to write a tool to allow the ASims to create stocks. Previously we've always done it manually in the DB or with a one-time script, but this time there's too many people affected to make that a viable option.

Year 11 Day 42 2:51
Helena Gladio

Thanks for alll the trouble Khan!

Year 11 Day 46 20:45
Bunres Voflis

I can't seem to find bug report 4013. Has it been deleted or have I been drinking too much? It could be either, or both.

Edited By: Bunres Voflis on Year 11 Day 46 20:55