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Year 11 Day 20 19:35
I hope someone can help me. I spent a lot of time any credits finding and buying my NPCs, and now they all quit and disappeared because they weren't does one pay an NPC??? And just recently, my custom image for my S-Swoop vanished, and all I get now is a photobucket can I get my image and NPCs back? or did the combine just rip me off again????

Year 11 Day 20 19:40
Zero Turner

1) Certain NPC's do require payment once every month. To pay them you select all of the NPC's you want to pay then at the bottom chose "Actions- Pay Wages". If you don't pay them their wages they walk off.

2) Post your image link, it could be a photo bucket error. Doesn't sound lie a combine issue.

Year 11 Day 20 22:59
I found a copy of the image for the Swoop...but I haven't got a clue how to get it back into my vehicle list.

Edited By: Rowan Quinn on Year 11 Day 20 23:20
Year 11 Day 20 23:24
Zero Turner

Well you may also need the "small image" as well w/ the combine frame. If you all ready have the large image in place for the vehicle and it's just the small image that is broken, you should be able to contact a member of the art team to input your small image onto your vehicle pretty easily. I had this done to one of my ships because the small image was in place for both the large/small image of the ship, so the image was *blank*.

Year 11 Day 20 23:34
Thanks, I can put another small image together, but am I going to have to pay again to use it? If I put the correct address to them, they should just be able to put it back in. They have the ID#, so they should know that it's a custom job already.
ID# 122222
Name: Dark Heart

Year 11 Day 21 8:40
Yeah, if an entity has already had a custom image applied, you can just send a DM to the art leader (Jevon) to request politely for him to change it. Give him the ID number, and the 2 images and he will do it when he can.

Year 11 Day 21 16:02
Thank you. I'll to work on that :D


Year 11 Day 37 12:39
Thanks a lot for the help guys. I appreciate it. The problem is resolved. This topic can be closed. :D