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Year 11 Day 23 21:22
Do the rare ships/vehicles/etc. that are available with CPs get switched out every now and then? I just saw a post on CPM that displays an A-24 Sleuth as an "old CP ship" and began to wonder.

Year 11 Day 23 21:36
Zero Turner

Yes. Previous CP ships included:

Y-Wing Longprobe
Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser (Or was it S... can't recall)
Bayonet-class Light Cruiser
Y-Head Corvette
CR-90 Corvette
DP-20b Gunship
Consular-class Cruiser
J-type 327 Starship
N 1 Starfighter
H-type Yacht
Cloakshape/H Fighter
A-24 Sleuth
....the list goes on and on.

On occasion the ship's become DC's for factions and in other cases classified as "rare" or not classified at all.

Year 11 Day 23 22:07
Darn, those Bayos would have been nice to get, although there's probably no way I would have been able to get one.

Year 11 Day 23 22:15
Well, in that case, does anyone know when the next one is supposed to occur?

Year 11 Day 23 22:18
Pre-Darkness the list also included the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser.

The S type Carrack was also pre-Darkness. I believe the I type was released as a CP ship after Darkness was then the datacard given to the Empire later on.

Early CP ships in Darkness included all three types of DP-20 gunships, Zero :P

The T-Wing was also a CP ship for a long while.

Year 11 Day 23 23:47
Orius, as to your last question, not really. It seems to be a few years between changes, and the last one was late this year.

Year 11 Day 24 4:20
You mean either late last year or early this year, Ellias >.>

Year 11 Day 24 7:32
Hmm, maybe. Time flys, and all that jazz...

Year 11 Day 24 9:16
Id actually like an annual switch, Like just change the current CP ships with ships we have just now, Same with vehicles.

Im getting bored of seeing the same ships at the same prices on CPM :\

Year 11 Day 24 11:27
Annual switch would be too short a period for some to gather CPs for the more expensive ships...

Year 11 Day 24 11:46
What would be nice is switching out the cheaper ships yearly, and keep the more expensive ships for a longer time frame.

Year 11 Day 24 11:51
Sim Karr

I would also favor that idea. Besides the Namana nothing on the current CP Ships list interests me. I would be fine with annual change and look forward to seeing something new.

Year 11 Day 24 18:08
You do realise how much work that entails? The art team would have to make brand new models for each of the new ships, every year. Plus all the other ships they are having to do for R&D. And all the other misc stuff they have to do to help make SWC prettier. A couple of years is fine, especially once R&D comes with new ships for people to get.

Year 11 Day 24 19:04
I said it would be nice. Personally, I think the Art team is doing a great job especially considering that everyone is working for free. Please keep up the great work.

Year 11 Day 25 1:32
Sim Karr

No, I hadn't considered the extra work load that would entail. Thank you art team for the wonderful job!

Year 11 Day 25 22:25
Myself being a fledgling computer artist, I am totally amazed at all the things our art team has done. It is equally impressive knowing that they work for nothing except the enjoyment of their audience. However, I agree with Jonas in that the less expensive ships get switched out every year while more expensive ones such as the Namana stay a while longer. To make things easier on the administration, what they could do is to implement some earlier CP ships not currently in the cycle as well as new designs. Just a suggestion on my part.

Year 11 Day 27 4:24
Helena Gladio

Or putting old CP ships back in the line?

Year 11 Day 32 2:49
I wouldn't mind knowing a time frame for switches. I.E. if there's about to be one post like a month before the new ships come. Other then that it can be however long they'd like. I'd like R&D before new CP ships. It interests me far more. That and by not letting people know it allows people to sell ETA-2's for around a mil and YT-1760 for about 4.2 saying that they'll be gone soon. I won't pay that but for some reason there are a few people.

That and R&D would help the economy more then new CP ships.

Edited By: Adrian Kilstar on Year 11 Day 32 2:51
Year 11 Day 32 14:53
Are Ithorian Herdships available for production still? How do you get one?

Year 11 Day 32 19:42
No, hence the Rare tag. As for getting one, get a spare couple of hundred million credits + and go ask around to find someone. I think there are only a few though and their owners are unlikely to part with one.

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