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Year 11 Day 24 5:06
My character Declan Zanno(betleyjunior@hotmail.co) has been banned. Could somebody point out why?

Year 11 Day 24 7:35
Have a look at the SimNews. All people banned are listed there, along with a general reason why. For more detailed information, please email the address listed in the post that deals with you.

Year 11 Day 24 8:17
I can't find my names on any of the most recent ban lists.

Year 11 Day 24 8:46
I'm sure it will be posted on the sim news soon.

You were banned for being an unregistered multi with Duden Castron and Leo Daiwan.

Year 11 Day 24 9:25
So I can never play on the Combine again or what?

Year 11 Day 24 10:19
You can. Just wait out the ban time, and then try again... without the multi.

Year 11 Day 24 10:46
Any way of founding out how long the ban is?

Year 11 Day 24 19:41
Thirty days, then you can request one of the three accounts be unbanned. But if you're caught doing it again the ban is permanent.