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Year 11 Day 28 9:14
I've been away for a while taking care of some ooc issues. Now I'm back and want to create a new character. I have no idea where I am, no access to the ship I was in, and not ability to get out of the port my ship is in. Can someone please just kill me and get this over with? I mean for real, I've been gone for almost a year, when I tried to create a new account I found out that this one was still active. HELP!!!!


Year 11 Day 28 13:09
You should have a "Contact Owner" button on your Position screen. You need to start with that.

Year 11 Day 30 7:25
Soooo.... the administrator won't help me, the owner of the space port i'm in is apparently mia, and all I really want to do is get back into this. Is it really that difficult to delete a player or let me start a new one? WTF!!!!? COME ON people!!! Someone solve this problem. This is freaking ridiculous.

Year 11 Day 30 10:10
If you've been actively trapped for 3 weeks, you can contact the ASims by e-mail and petition to drop your character. However, if you jump straight to that without trying anything to resolve your situation IC, then you will be told to try the exact step I already referred you to.

If you're in a spaceport, what exactly is the problem with just exiting the facility?

Year 11 Day 30 15:36
I'm in a ship yard, sorry for the mix up. Every time I try to I am told the ship yard is closed so I cannot exit. Seems kind of lame but I will take your advice and see if I can get some help from above.

Year 11 Day 30 15:51
If you know the location of the station, you should be able to get somebody to come pick you up. If you just know the name, you could try asking around to see if someone knows the location. Stations do show up on the galaxy map, so someone might have seen it (unless it's in deep space). You could also try looking through the map for it yourself, although that is a lot of pages to look through.

Year 11 Day 31 0:21
Evan Bluvius

Once you know the name of the shipyard, you can try searching for it here: http://www.swcombine.com/search.php

Due to the shipyards being visible on the galaxy map, it should pop up for you. :)

Year 11 Day 31 10:47
Not necessarily, Evan. I'm not sure why, but it's not popping up several stations I know of.

Year 11 Day 32 5:54
If he give us the name of the Shipyard, we could try to find where he is.



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Year 11 Day 32 10:41
I tried contacting an Asim, he hit me back but has yet to respond to my second email. I know things take little longer here, but I'm an impatient guy lol. the shipyard is shipyard 302-517. at least thats wat it says in italics. in normal letters it says shipyard 3. like i said i'm assuming its in the kuat system somewhere but i havent been here for a while and have become unfamiliar with the maps. i don't know why i cant contact the owner but being trapped blows. and worse still i dont even want this character, just want to make a new one. i dont understand why the admins cant just fix this for me.

Year 11 Day 32 12:46
Because it's open to abuse and a time waste for the Asims if they have to deal with every time a person gets bored with a character or decides they messed up, or whatever. There are automated systems to allow a person to drop a character (or sun to kill themselves) if they are unable or unwilling to continue with that character. This covers the vast majority of situations where a character is unwanted, and in the rare exceptions, as I said earlier, a person who has been trapped for 3 weeks can send an e-mail to request a character drop.

Year 11 Day 32 14:13
well poo, i mean if i wasnt trapped i could totally take care of it myself. this whole 3 week period of me waiting for other ppl to get there crap together kinda blows tho. thanks for the help guys, hopefully this runs its course soon. i'm dying to be an active member in the combine

Year 11 Day 32 20:11
So, as surmised since Benzy was one of our member, he's on one of Kuat Drive Yards shipyard.I will arrest / execute him if he still wants in a few days.



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Year 11 Day 33 13:25
that would be excellent, thank you for you kindness