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Archives » Don't know how to use CSS editor
Year 11 Day 33 19:24
If someone (or a few someones) could please help me understand how the css editor works... it would be soooo much easier had they just put all the stylesheet css into a big text edit and let you type away. As it is, I can't figure out how to use the text things... like I'll type something perfectly logical in and it often won't do anything.

Year 11 Day 33 20:17
I have suggested the very same thing, and even if I taught you how to use the CSS editor, it's buggy and doesn't work well. You should use Mozilla Firefox's Stylish extension. Make sure you get version 0.5.9 though. But even with that, your styling capabilities are limited.

I once attempted to create a purple skin for SWC, and I found that not all elements of SWC can be styled. If you want a new skin, you're best off writing a stylesheet and submitting it to be official. That's the only way a stylesheet of optimal quality can be created.

Year 11 Day 33 20:26
Humm. In that case, would anybody other than me like a white skin?

I was thinking of something like that myself. After my purple skin was accepted I was going to make more skins, including a white one among others. I still have to do a major revision of my purple skin, but haven't had time because of the holidays.

Year 11 Day 34 12:28
Understandable. I think a white skin would be neat.

Year 11 Day 34 13:47
I was also thinking of an orange skin, and maybe some multi-colored ones.

Year 11 Day 34 16:26
Take the idle chatter to DM.

Year 11 Day 34 23:13
Hrmm. Well could you explain what exactly I am supposed to type in the text boxes? It'll say like

background-color [_____]

and I'll type a hex code into the box (The one I tried was #ffffff, then tried #000000 and some other weird ones) but nothing happens. Same if I do any other different properties, for inputs or spacers or headers or tables.

I'll explain the CSS editor as best I can, let's assume you want to change the body's background color to #FFFFFF:
  • Click the "Add a selector/class/id" button.
  • Type in the selector you want to modify ("body" in this case).
  • Click the "Add a property" button.
  • Type in the property you wish to add/modify ("background-color" in this case)
  • Next to "background-color", there's a text field, type in the value you wish assign to the property you selected ("#FFFFFF" in this case).
  • Click "Save changes".
Not only is this ridiculously tedious, but it's buggy. Last time I tried it the changes I made were somehow reverted the next time I logged in. In addition to that, I just got an error message when attempting the example above:
An Error type: PHP Warning with the Message: file_put_contents(/var/www/localhost/main/skins/1274531.css) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied has occured. It has been stored as Error 11821.

- "Error 11821"
I strongly advise you use Firefox's Stylish extension instead. It provides the same (limited) styling capability as the built-in CSS editor without all the bugs. I recommend version 0.5.9. If you're unable to do this because you use Internet Explorer (*gasp*) then I'm unable to help you any further, since IE is crap.