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Year 11 Day 34 3:59
Duke Lee Sparra

on the top sites page every site i clicked on didn't work, so i don't know if its my computer or a bug, but i just thought i would let you guys know

Year 11 Day 34 4:55
Did you receive any errors when trying to load the pages? If so, what were they, and what URL was displayed in the address field?

Year 11 Day 34 16:49
Duke Lee Sparra

when i tried loading any of the pages it just kept loading then going to a white screen then loading again and it did it for about 5 min then i went back and tried another one and it did the same thing

also at the top left hand of the page it has a number 1 and that's it

i think its all of the sites, that's your top 4 that aren't working

Edited By: Duke Lee Sparra on Year 11 Day 34 16:53
Year 11 Day 35 2:56
Ok, you're talking about our own TopSites then, not the CP-awarding topsite banners.

Looks like the whole topsites system is bugged, please make a bug report in the bugbase about it.

Year 11 Day 35 4:06
Duke Lee Sparra

oh okay sorry for that, thank you for redirecting me
i reported on the bug page too

Edited By: Duke Lee Sparra on Year 11 Day 35 4:12