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Archives » problem with registration
Year 11 Day 34 10:05
ill get straight to the point
i registered yesterday with the handle Adam Ironarm and the email ultimaempire@yahoo.com and i looked in the active characters and on the right it says my character joined but i never got an email regarding this so i fear i may have misspelled the email or something which i doubt i did because of the confirmation email box

i checked my spam folders as well as my trash and inbox i tried forgot password as the above thread stated but it just kept reloading with a new code and never sent anything

Year 11 Day 34 10:07
and i apologize for the double post here my fault i hit post twice

Year 11 Day 34 12:18
ok lost password thing says i can only change my password every 24 hours so i must have to wait til my character is more than 24 hours old then am i right?

Year 11 Day 34 15:44
and in case i did something wrong and misspelled the email, my email has been registered so it worked but i never got an email so i wont post anymore as im guessing ive given plenty of info to solve the problem

Year 11 Day 34 16:22
I'm sure someone will be along shortly to see if your e-mail was entered correctly. However, if it's in our system right, then there's little they can do as it's probably a problem on your end with your mail filters.

Year 11 Day 34 17:13
i checked my mail filters there is nothing wrong with them they arent set to block anything

Year 11 Day 34 20:16
Adam Ironarm

problem solved thanks for the help