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Year 11 Day 34 14:43
All has been figured out. Please Close

Edited By: Xand Xist on Year 11 Day 37 12:42
If you knew where the ship you're located in was, I might've been able to pick you up. But I doubt the admins will just move you, I think they only let you drop your character, but I'm not sure.

I've heard reports of them doing what I asked in my first post before, I just didn't know the requirements. Thanks though.

They used to transport people, before the mechanics were added to deliberately indefinitely trap characters, and for characters to be dropped. Policy is now to allow players to drop, so they cannot be prevented from playing the game.

So now, I lose all of my Credits, and assets and have to restart? and if so, how do I drop my character?

Edited By: Xand Xist on Year 11 Day 34 16:39
Basically, dropping your character means your character dies and you get to make a new one after 1 week. Technically, your character is turned into an NPC but it works the same way as dying otherwise.

To drop your character, you just have to ask in the "Question for admin" forum I believe. There's no official method, but if I was going to drop my character that's how I'd do it.

Don't give up hope for your current character though. Try messaging your faction asking for them to pick you up. If they don't, at least try and get your location and I can pick you up. If you're not in a faction, I don't think there's much else you can do.

DM me so we can work out something... Apparently you have been stuck there for a while because you have been inactive?

Edited By: Xavier Bourdain on Year 11 Day 34 18:25
I was recently stuck on a planet and unable to move (unconious) I was there for at least 2 weeks. I went onto the help IRC channel and asked for help. They moved me and gave me some HP so I could move. Maybe they could do that for you, seeing your stuck and how long you have been stuck for.

It's taken care of...

Xand, if you want, I will hold your items until you respawn. I will do it for just 1,500. Just let me know DM.


This message is written on 100% recycled electrons.

Vortex, that's illegal.

oh, i figured it would be considered as him making it over to me, then me making it over to someone else that happens to be him. Since I am not Xand, i figured it wouldn't violate the IC/OOC separation.

Getting back assets that belonged to your previous character is against IC/OOC separation, and knowingly holding them for someone in order to do so is also against the rules.

oh never mind then. Been banned, done that, don't want to go back.

the only way i can think of that working is if you and him contacted the admins, told them his predicament, and they okayed it, but I doubt it would work.

yeah prolly not. Never mind Xand. If yo want to ask them and they say it's ok, then by all means. and I wont charge money. BTW, is he still active or has he already dropped?

You're allowed to give all your stuff to somebody before you die, but you're just not allowed to get it back after you respawn unless you pay a reasonable price for it.

You could always give someone your items you didn't want to lose (like your YT-1300 or a rare droid) then buy it back when you respawn. At least then you would not have to work so hard just to get back a ship you probally will never see again (say if you had a N1-Starfighter or something like that).

Chances are that what is described in the last two posts will still get you banned. You should not, knowingly, acquire an asset held by any previous character. If you buy a YT-1300, and by chance it's one you used to own, you're probably going to be okay. If you give it to someone, and go straight to them as soon as you have the credits after respawn, and buy your YT-1300, expect to be caught and strung up.

Don't look for loopholes in the system.

Ok, well that clears alot up for me.

So you can't give someone your N1-Starfighter then pay them for it right after you respawn.

What about if you put an ad up and they come to you? I'm just cruious, becuase with a rare ship like an N1-Starfighter or an ETA-2 it would be hard to regain such a ship.

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