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Year 11 Day 35 3:46
It's a long story, but to make it short, here's what happened to me earlier this evening:

I was manually typing in the URL to go to the position page. But instead of typing I forgot the "character/" part and ended up typing in this:

Because of my temporarily slow internet connection, I had noticed several things out of the ordinary when the page was loading:
  • The page was titled "Position 3.0"
  • While the page was loading I remember seeing the text "I can't believe it's not position 2.0" (lol)
  • After the page loaded an error message was displayed which read "Hey, this is staging only stuff! "
Does this mean a new position interface is currently in active development? Sorry if I accidentally revealed something classified. :-|

In any case, I tried it again to get the exact wording of the error message for this post, and the second time the page's title was "Position 2.1".

So what's up?

Year 11 Day 35 3:53
They'd tell you, but then they'd have to give you the final run.

Year 11 Day 35 10:12
We're always developing upgrades to things. I don't think an upgrade to the position interface is a secret, because it has, like many things, been talked about constantly.

Congratulations, you're officially cool.