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Year 11 Day 35 9:04
2 questions

How do you get NPC's to fly ships?

and can they fly with you not on the ship itself?

Edited By: Min Jo on Year 11 Day 35 11:25
Year 11 Day 35 11:43
1.NPC's cannot fly ships at this moment.

2. No

Now you can have a FA-4 Pilot and a RX Pilot Droid pilot your ship while you are on board another vehicle/ship that is in your current ship.

Year 11 Day 35 11:47
Is that both droids you need to pilot it or just one or the other ???

and thanks

Year 11 Day 35 12:02
Year 11 Day 35 12:15
Additionally, all fighters and a few freighters (list is on the Ship rules pages) can be NPCed, meaning you can set them to NPC controlled and they will follow your ship (if it's of the same type). No actual NPCs are necessary for that at this time.

Year 11 Day 35 12:31
I see, well thank you all for the help, just one more question

are the droids implemented?

Year 11 Day 35 12:46
Some are partially implemented and others are not implemented(Unusable and just for RP purposes for now). But this game is still in beta and as new code is implemented, droids become more usable.

To find which ones are useable, click on the link below, and notice the icon on the top left of the Driods avatar. Hope this helps a little.

Year 11 Day 35 14:18
thanks it has been :)