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Year 11 Day 35 23:25
Is anyone else having a problem with the
banners (or something) creating a huge
white bar down the
front of the pages, or is it just me?

I thankfully managed to halt the
page loading before the bar popped
up so I could hit the post button
(took me 22 tries)

Year 11 Day 36 0:07
You know, you can hit the ESC key to stop the page loading, it's faster than clicking the "stop" button.

Are you using IE? If so, screw it and get Firefox.

Year 11 Day 36 1:54
No, even IE doesn't have this issue - or at least the latest one. If your using IE7 or earlier you need to update it to IE8 or better.

Year 11 Day 36 14:43
Nah the problem is gone. Yesterday big white bar, today none.

I did notice after I posted, that the problem appeared right after the sync; so it may have been caused by that.

'Sides I am on IE8 (though I use it mainly from habit, and actually do have firefox...)

Edited By: Tuural Snist on Year 11 Day 36 14:45