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Archives » How do you kick a passenger?
Year 11 Day 36 1:21
Riax Tardes

To make it clear, I am not asking how to kick 1 passenger from a full ship, but how to kick 1 passenger of choice.

This used to work like this:
You go to position/room, then scroll down until you see a list with all passengers in the current room and every one had a "Kick" button right next to their name.

I have noticed that the kick button has disappeared for some time, but I am not sure what's the issue here:
- is it a bug?
- do we now have a smarter way to kick passengers?
- or maybe the feature has been removed from the game ...

Oh, before you ask, I am on a planet, in a city, I am owner, commander and pilot of the ship and my ship isn't moving.

Year 11 Day 36 1:45
Ka`rla Leakey

everything moved into the room messages button.

Year 11 Day 36 1:53
As Ka`rla said, that list of passengers has moved to a separate section of the travel frame. Click the 'Room Messages' button and that list will appear along with the kick buttons.

If it doesn't show up even there, then its likely a bug that needs reporting.

Year 11 Day 36 1:56
The passenger you want to kick has to be in the entrance room, otherwise they can't be kicked.

Year 11 Day 36 2:26
Riax Tardes

Thanks, I found the room messages.

The passenger you want to kick has to be in the entrance room, otherwise they can't be kicked. 

What is the logic here? Am I supposed to arrest the passenger and drag him to the entrance room?

Year 11 Day 36 2:34
I don't know the logic, all I know is that I've tried, and it's impossible to kick passengers who aren't in the entrance room.

Year 11 Day 36 4:01
Well that is juts plain wrong Phillip - you can kick any passengers from any room in the ship. I myself have kicked from several rooms away from the Entrance Room.

Year 11 Day 36 5:56
Riax Tardes

I just tried for NPCs, and could kick directly from the cockpit. Haven't had the chance to experiment on PCs.

But I can't tell you how happy I am that I finally found the kick button. Could have spent 1 week searching and never finding it ... Thanks again.

Year 11 Day 37 15:04
When I go to room messages and I can see list of npc passengers I just see 'Hail' option. There is no 'kick' button there. Why?

My ship is above shipyard and I have privs to operate it.

Year 11 Day 37 15:32
The entity is not travelling and it is on the ground OR is docked and the PC is on the crewlist or the NPCs supervisor is on the crewlist.

- 8/ Kicking off Passengers

I had to look this up when I had the same issue. The problem I had was my ship was moving when I tried. I think you need to dock your ship with the station to be able to see the "Kick" button.


Year 11 Day 37 15:32
You have to be docked in something or on the surface of a planet, I believe. I don't think you can just kick them through space.

Year 11 Day 38 4:01
You were right, my ship wasn`t docked. I`ll try it next time when I`ll have opportuinity. This time I moved my NPCs manually.

Thank you.