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Year 11 Day 36 5:31
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here goes:

Is there such thing as a Lightsaber in the Combine?
Is the Force Pike the same as the shock spears used by the Gungans and Geonosians in the Movies?
Is there such thing as a Sonic Blaster in the Combine?
Is the Energy Shield the same as the shields the Gungans used in the movies?

Edited By: Arke Surthan on Year 11 Day 36 5:42
Year 11 Day 36 7:42
Lightsaber - yes and no. There is no rules specs for it yet, but there are force powers/abilities that will let force users build one at some point.

Force Pike - related, but are actually the weapons the Imperial Royal Guard (blokes in red around the Emperor in the films) use.

Sonic Blaster - nope.

Energy Shields - the image is the same, but someone brought up that gungan shields were slightly different to normal shields, and ours seemingly is a combination of the 2 types. However, since armour and whatnot are not implemented yet, its up in the air as to how its finally used, and which one it is really.

Year 11 Day 36 19:01
If I wanted to use a sonic blaster (like the geonosians had in the second movie) for RP use mainly would I have to get a custom Item with CPs?

Year 11 Day 36 19:48
Its up to you. You cant get in too much trouble for fake-RPing, and besides: whos going to know if you dont *really* own a Sonic Blaster? The Admins? They could care less....i think..

I would say that if you really want to RP it, go ahead. Its not a rule that you have to though.

(Sorry if it doesnt make sense...its late and Im tired :D)

Year 11 Day 36 21:15
You won't be allowed a custom item that looks like a weapon. You could perhaps get a similar-looking blaster, apply a custom image, and RP it as your weapon of choice?

Year 11 Day 36 21:41
Ok, Prehapes a blaster that looks the part and can be of use when combat is implamented would be the best bet. Thanks!

I asume I could do the same with the Force Pike as well, right?