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Year 11 Day 37 15:35
Lokin Cylas

I have a question for those on the Art Team. I have a set of Battle Droids and I want to know if I can could place a custom over them, The custom is of another droid It's the "Sentinel Droid", the a fore mentioned droid has no place in the combine currently. Would it be against combine rules to do this? This Droid was before the current timeline so therefore it is outdated tech, i.e from the times of the Jedi Civil War.

I don't want to be bashed as I'm new to the RP experience, but information into this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the image location:

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Year 11 Day 37 16:00
The custom image can't be a different entity. That means a custom image for a battle droid has to be an image of a battle droid. Sorry.

Images must be the actual entity, no other entities are allowed in the image.

- rules

Edit: Added a quote.

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Year 11 Day 37 16:01
Gunther Innis Tennor

Rule #6 - Images must be the actual entity, no other entities are allowed in the image.
Rule #8 - Slight modifications are allowed but must be recognizable as said entity.


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Year 11 Day 37 16:05
Lokin Cylas

Understood. Thank you guys, just needed to clear that up.

Year 11 Day 37 16:51
You're welcome. Don't think that means you can't make those BD's look cool though. Check out the commerce forum for an artist, and see about getting some images.