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Year 11 Day 41 20:49
Albireo Flura

Disclaimer : This is not some newb asking where do I get a lightsaber and how do I become a jefi thread!

Ok as I was scrolling through the NP weapons today I noticed that both the short and twin bladed lightsabers have been added with a requirement of a skill level of 5. Does this mean that if somehow you manage to aquire a lightsaber you can use it if effectively with a NP level of 5?

And question 2 was this a result of someone reading Legacy of the Force books 8 (Revelations) and 9 (Invincible)?

Edited By: Albireo Flura on Year 11 Day 41 20:50
Year 11 Day 41 21:02
The skill level for Lightsabers is based off the Lightsaber Dueling Force ability, not NPW skill.

Year 11 Day 41 21:07
Then why not make the skill requirement read "N/A" instead of "5"?

Year 11 Day 41 21:08
Albireo Flura

Ahh thank you Hal, although it is rather confusing that they're in the NPW section.

For a second there I was almost ready to complain about the fact that there's no lvl 5 Projectile weapons while there were 4 level 5 NPW's

Edited By: Albireo Flura on Year 11 Day 41 21:09
Year 11 Day 42 17:19
Hal, are you sure ? I heard from time to time that people with NPW 5 (and perhaps Dexterity 5) could use Lightsabers, even if non FS.



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Year 11 Day 42 17:37
Given that I wrote the rules, then you better either be talking to, or bribing, a coder to contradict me. =D

Year 11 Day 42 18:20
I think I read that too Ashura. However that may of been from the older set of Force Rules which have since been changed.

Year 11 Day 42 23:06
The required skill is rather inconsequential at the moment due to the lack of Combat coding and the likelihood of changes between now and then. It is likely that, if you are not Force-aware, you will require a 5 in NPW to not hurt yourself with it, but if you are Force-aware any equations will instead be determined by your Lightsaber Dueling skill.

For reference, I'm the coder person you're more than welcome to bribe. ;)

Year 11 Day 43 20:06
While we are at it, why Adegan cristals and not Laboi ?



Former Wraith - Former Valeo Exarch and SRE Master Trader

Former KDY 2IC
Year 11 Day 43 20:11
Because Adegan is canon?

Year 11 Day 44 17:56
/me grumbles.

Ok, but Laboi are marked for use in lightsabers from the rules. Any clue about the future of Laboi ?

Year 11 Day 44 20:45
There have been suggestions for upgrading lightsabers using the other crystals, and such. The feasibility is being investigated.

Year 11 Day 45 0:54
Don't forget synthetic crystals too!

Year 11 Day 45 3:32
Korvas Varik

What kind of bribe will it take Mikel? Credits? Girl?...boy?

Year 11 Day 45 3:54
What about all of the above?

Year 11 Day 45 13:19
Don't forget synthetic crystals too! 

My IC persuasion I'm sure will make me push very very hard to have these implemented. ;)