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Year 11 Day 43 1:15
I was wondering, I am a sci-fi and fantasy artist, I work in few different mediums, and wanted to know if I created a Star Wars Art site, through webs.com, for the purpose to display anyone's custom star wars related
art, would it be possible to do the banner trade or at least link or advertise the combine on the site I create?

I would like to do this to allow artwork done in other forms and mediums to be displayed by any and all players of the combine to enjoy and use if the art meets SwC requirements. It would be a combination resource and creative outlet for Swc members. At least its what I would like to do.
any suggestions or advice is appreciated.


\"Even misfortune can, at times, be fortunate.\"
Oni Ra.
Year 11 Day 43 1:22
You could join the SWC Banner Exchange.

swagonline.net is also something you should consider looking at as an artist.

Year 11 Day 44 12:42
I checked out the Swag site. Its pretty awesome! I'm going to work on uploading some of my stuff there.

Year 11 Day 47 1:35
Thanks, I'll check that out, but does not really help, I want to build the site for creative reasons, and to help support the SwC, if possible.
No offense just want to get involved where I can with the talents and resources I have available.


\"Even misfortune can, at times, be fortunate.\"
Oni Ra.
Year 11 Day 47 7:53
Thats good. I am trying to do much the same. I have had a hard time getting any good reactions from the character portraits I have done so far. A lot of people here are looking for something pretty realistic or computer generated. My art is not very controlled or refined right now and I am not sure I want it to be. Let me know when you have your webs site up and I will check it out. Mine is terryphuber.webs.com.