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Archives » Red Scenarios? And Silly question regarding custom NPC's
Keibak Aruu

OK, I know this is a silly question. It should be quite obvious. Where do custom NPC's get spawned? Is it at your location? Or is it on some asset you own? Or do custom NPC's only exist in your inventory for RP Purposes and are not quite placed anywhere?

I am guessing they get spawned at your current location. But I just want confirmation on that.

Also, I was looking at the thread of "One odd moon". Those were the days... Any chance of getting Red/Black Scenarios back? Or something in addition to white scenarios?


Cesodevo Avina

There is already something in addition to White Scenario. It's the Meeting Hall.

Every so often a Skill-Based Scenario appears as well, but the last one has proven to be...short-lived.

Not sure on your first question though, maybe someone else knows the answer.

Jad Quelben

Custom NPC's get spawned at your current location. Anyone know how to set their speech tree's?

I'm guessing their speech trees are disabled until the speech code is finished.

And Red Scenarios will not be coming back - they were done when you couldn't really do anything like you can now (ie fly a ship etc) so thsoe scenarios were the only way you could play. Of course, this is only what I have gathered since I wasn't around in that time.

You could fly ships during Reds, Ellias. You could wander cities, dock ships, add rooms to make your own floor plans, build cities, etc.

There just wasn't any combat at that point in the game!

Er... Wait...