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Year 11 Day 44 0:01
Valat Horn

I've just read SimNews about implementing new type of facilities, however I haven't found those in morale/crime stats calculation. Have those facils any impact on planetary crime/morale or are completely neutral?

Year 11 Day 46 10:03
Tanez Kalrade

Also, in the facilities list, I see the stadium as a FI facility under 4x7...

What's the status of this? It's not on the page, there's nothing for 4x7...

Year 11 Day 46 13:43

Looks kind of cool though.

Just ignore the 20x20 part in it. =P

Year 11 Day 48 8:06
Tanez Kalrade


Makes FI too...wonder who can build it...

Year 11 Day 48 9:09
A faction that has yet to be created yet. Same with the glove...

Year 11 Day 48 10:34
Oh come one.. Trading factions manage Entertainment/gambling.. Sports is full of both of these things!

Year 11 Day 48 12:09
Hjrool Ohr

A faction that has yet to be created yet. Same with the glove... 

A new faction type or new faction with existing type?
And if that's second choice, how one can have such thing implemented, on what basis? Does it means i could request, if i choose to put Locris Syndicated Securities (which is canon, almost in-game too) into faction, to have force cage and stun grenade datacard, for exemple, implemented?

Year 11 Day 48 12:34
As with Nova Crystals, these seem to be related to the idea that creating something IC using existing systems and making it work is rewarded with IC mechanics to benefit your project. It's more than simply creating a faction with a canon name and waiting for DCs to flood your way.

Year 11 Day 48 17:43
Indeed. Both these and Nova Crystals were/are being used in some form before the admins allowed them to be created.