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Year 11 Day 44 1:23
I signed up for membership a few days ago and didn't get any reply whatsoever. I figured maybe something went wrong and it didn't go through so I tried again today to sign up only to get an email saying membership was declined due to the suspicion that I was trying to register multiple accounts. I'm a slight perturbed as I'd like to get on with playing but I have no record or reply from the website at all saying whether or not my application was even received let alone processed. Please help me get to the root of this problem so we can move on and I can begin taking part like I want very much to do.

Year 11 Day 44 2:53
Well looks like your first account went through then. Best bet would be to look through your junk mail folder, see if it got sent there. If it isn't, see about removing SWC from the junk list and then do the Forgotten Password function. That should send a new email to you with your password.

It is also possible that if that doesn't work that you typed your email address in inacurately, in which case posting your account name and proper email address will facilitiate it being changed.