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Archives » Problem with Name Creation
Year 11 Day 44 10:07
I tried getting myself set-up but my application was rejected with the following:

Your handle does not match out current rules requirements. It was turned down because of the presence of a restricted name or adjective, such as "Lord", "Count" or "Darth", or an existing Star Wars character name was chosen such as "Luke Skywalker" or "Han Solo".

The name I chose was Zak Nightowl

It doesn't have Lord, Count or Darth in it and to my knowledge that is not a current SW character, granted Zak is but not the full name.

Can anyone let me know where I went wrong or give me some suggestions please.

Year 11 Day 44 20:35
I think its the Nightowl bit - isn't it one of those Watchmen comic characters? ANd if not, sounds a bit too much like a noun than a real name.

Year 11 Day 45 10:56
If it is a Watchman character then I fail to see how this impacts on a Star Wars site. If the rules are the strict just to get signed on then I think I'll give this place a miss. Thanks for letting me know what the problem was.

Year 11 Day 45 16:46
The naming rules are to ensure that the environment is a applicable as it can be. Having people run around with names from other universes would just look silly. Indiana Jones, meets up with Frodo Baggins on Tatooine? Kinda ruins the atmosphere.

Year 11 Day 45 16:53
Ellias, I don't think anyone would decline a handle based on a surname being similar/the same as some hero in something else, unless that surname otherwise violated the rules. If the handle had been Night Owl then yes, it could have been declined for being a recognisable name from an outside source. Or for not being a name at all. We don't decline for people using "Atreides" or "Baggins" just because they're notable. It has to be the complete, unaltered name.

Honestly, I'm not sure why "Zak Nightowl" was declined. Maybe someone hit the wrong option? Without looking up exactly who declined it (or having that person see this thread and comment) we might never know.

Year 11 Day 45 20:37
"Nightowl" doesn't sound like a real, believable name to me. I'm assuming whoever handled the join request agrees with me.