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Year 11 Day 44 10:27
Christopher Eagles

Isn't that a B-Wing?

Year 11 Day 44 10:30
Sim Karr

Well sort of...

Year 11 Day 44 12:47
No, the 'B-Wing' is the B-Wing. The C-Wing Ugly is...the C-Wing Ugly. Which aesthetically looks to be a combination of YT and B-Wing parts. Just like the TIE-Wing is a mix of Y-Wing and TIE Fighter and the X-ceptor thing is a X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

C'mon now.

Year 11 Day 44 13:38
wookiepedia says that it was pretty much a b-wing body with a yt series cockpit bolted on instead of the normal b-wing one (except that the weapons are different)

Year 11 Day 44 13:53
Christopher Eagles

Well its not canon to anything,

The C-Wing and the B-Wing are practically the same in stats, this ship however has the image of a B-Wing not even the 'ugly' version which had a YT-part attached,

which is the B-Wing Ugly by the way.

The C-Wing was a fictional ship created by 'Cory' as part of a demonstration on what ships can be made with " Wizards of the Coast d20 roleplaying book, Starships of the Galaxy. "

This is either a B-Wing ugly which the picture and stats indicate, or its a C-Wing which is a fictional ship and has no place being introduced as uncanon (if usual conduct is upheld).

Also it has 2 passengers to many for either design.

Year 11 Day 44 14:04
Yes, the C-Wing was created as a demo. The C-Wing Ugly, a DIFFERENT SHIP, has appeared in Cracken's Threat Dossier, Scum and Villainy, Ambush at Corellia, and Showdown at Centerpoint.

C-Wing Ugly:

Really? Those look identical to you? You don't see the massive YT-1300 cockpit in the top screen? Do you need glasses?

The only thing "better" for the C-Wing is that it's faster and slightly longer. The B-Wing has heavier armor, shields, ionic capcity, and more weapons.

And if you're so opposed to non-canon ships, btw, I'll take any YT-510s you, or whatever faction you're affiliated with, have. Same with Tabders. :D

Year 11 Day 44 14:17
also, it isn't actually the B-wing ugly, it is the Correlian/B-wing ugly, which the combine shortened to C-wing ugly, not C-wing (which is a non-canon ship while the Correlian/B-wing ugly is canon)

Year 11 Day 44 14:17
Deleted Post
Deleted by Fi Skirata. Reason: double post
Year 11 Day 44 17:50
Christopher Eagles

Weylin -.-

have you seen a pic of a B-Wing when it lands...

Giving the ship a canon name shouldn't be hard

Year 11 Day 44 22:01
C-Wing Ugly IS one of its canon names.

And yes, I've seen a landed B-Wing. The cockpit is still entirely different.

Year 11 Day 44 23:04
Zero Turner

Looks similar... but obviously the B-Wing has a different cockpit and *edit* has a few guns that the C-Wing lacks ;)

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 11 Day 45 2:17
Year 11 Day 45 1:59
Do I need to completely repeat Weylin's post? What are you not getting?

P.S. As for something non-canon, we give in to that in the combine and we're okay with that.

Edited By: Drexel Skorzeka on Year 11 Day 45 2:00
Year 11 Day 45 14:15
Christopher Eagles

Fine, my only meaning is that this should be called a "B-Wing Ugly", calling it a C-Wing ugly completely negates the possibility of a R&D C-Wing doesn't it, since we've already tagged the name for a completey different already named ship with as admitted a B-Wing pic. Surely a name change isn't hard to ask for, its a single database entry. But yes i'll give up if it means that much to people..

Year 11 Day 45 14:36
you should give it up because you are just plain wrong. B-Wings and C-Wing UGLIES are different ships, as has been pointed out to you in clear pictures and other means.

Year 11 Day 45 14:45
Zero Turner

Chris if you read some of the articles the Corellian/B wing Ugly was referred to as a C-wing ugly.

Year 11 Day 45 14:46
The Corellian/B-wing Ugly, also known as the C-Wing Ugly

- wookieepedia

Now, given there is an issue with wookieepedia not being a primary source, what do the primary sources for the ship refer to it as?

You're also contradicting your earlier statement about the C-wing being non-canon and therefore something we shouldn't introduce. This invalidates your complaints that using the name prevents us from adding the other ship, since that ship doesn't exist.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 45 15:39
Christopher Eagles

The ship does not exist, that doesn't mean that after R&D runs out of canon ships, far far in the future... a C-Wing couldn't be developed. (to resemble the one mentioned as a RPG book example).

I will admit if canon evidence of this is proved I will back off, though if its canon name is also a B-Wing Ugly so why not name it as such?

Year 11 Day 45 16:25
ok, i have the series of books that the ship is featured in, and sometime soon i'll be able to confirm if it is called a C-wing Ugly in the books, is that good enough for you?

Edited By: Fi Skirata on Year 11 Day 46 15:50
Year 11 Day 45 18:24
Eagles, stop reading only part of the damned name! It's called the Corellian/B-Wing Ugly AND the C-Wing Ugly.

The C-Wing Ugly is a CANON SHIP. They went with C-Wing Ugly because it's not only shorter, it won't give programming issues due to the /.

The C-Wing Fighter, not the ugly, is the ambiguously canon ship only mentioned in one sourcebook, which this ship is not!

Stop being so damned dense.

Year 11 Day 46 15:58
Imam Ferro

Im allready a noob so I might as well still ask this... what do you guys mean by cannon? I take it you aren't talking about a weapon?

Year 11 Day 46 16:07
Zero Turner

Canon is in referrence to the "orIginal" star wars universe such as the movies or the books, comics, guides, etc.

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